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Ndolè is the new green

Ndolè is the new green!

What is the concept?

Great Afro Food is a concept that aims to enhance, promote, and market the tasty but little known African cuisine. It was developed by HENZA GEMS SARL, a Swiss import export company. The NDOLÈ, this emblematic Cameroonian dish, is the first one that Great Afro Food has chosen to reveal in Switzerland. The Fast Food appears and the ready-to-eat food that we propose does not exist yet.
Our approach, NDOLÈ TRAY is innovative, we put an emphasis on the quality of the product which is achieved through the freshness of the components such as beef, bacon or shrimps. This way, we can offer the consumer a reliable product.

A purchased tray is

CHF 1 donated to an NGO

Great Afro Food supports the NGO “Afrique Solidarité Suisse“, which operates in Cameroon and aims to improve the daily life of the poorest people. For each tray sold, 1 Swiss franc will be donated directly to this NGO.

In the heart of Africa.

Let yourself be carried away by this mixture of flavours and travel to the heart of Africa, for the time of a tasting. Great Afro Food offers you delicious ready-to-eat dishes, to be heated in a bain-marie, steamer or microwave.


It will delight the palate of meat lovers.


For those who like seafood, fresh shrimp.


all the basic ingredients with smoked bacon.


for vegetarians, the simple and sophisticated taste of the basic ingredients.


African authenticity

Ndolè is practically the main meal spontaneously mentioned when talking about Cameroonian cuisine. A Cameroonian proverb says: “It is by travelling that one finds wisdom”. So let yourself be carried away by this mixture of flavours and travel to the heart of Africa for a tasting.

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