About us

Great Afro Food is a concept that aims to enhance, promote, and market the tasty, but little known African cuisine. Cuisine. It was developed by HENZA GEMS SARL, a Swiss import-export company. NDOLÈ, the emblematic Cameroonian dish, is the first one that Great Afro Food has chosen to reveal in Switzerland. Fast food is emerging and the ready-to-eat food we offer does not yet exist.

We believe in quality.

Homemade, exotic flavour, no preservatives, authentic cuisine and recyclable trays.


The concept

Our approach, LA BARQUETTE DU NDOLÈ, is innovative. We focus on the quality of the product through the freshness of the components such as beef, bacon or shrimps. This is how we provide the consumer with a reliable product. We are leaders in the distribution of “READY TO EAT” and “HOMEMADE” Ndolè in Switzerland and progressively in Europe according to the demand. Great Afro Food supports the NGO “Afrique Solidarité Suisse” which is active in Cameroon and aims to improve the daily life of the poorest people. For each tray sold, 1 Swiss franc will be donated directly to this NGO. Customers and consumers will thus actively participate in the development of a community and at the same time support the producers of these leaves which constitute the basic element of this exceptional dish. “Our goal is to make our customers proud to be responsible and supportive.

What is ndolè ?

The ndolè also scientifically called “VERNONIA AMYGDALINA” belongs to the ASTERACEAE family. This wild shrub grows mainly in the equatorial forest in Africa and mainly in Cameroon. In Nigeria it is commonly called “BITTER LEAF” because of its extreme bitterness. This shrub needs heat and a lot of water to grow well.

The ndolè has the appearance of European spinach, european. Its exceptional taste is obtained through a long and meticulous preparation. The most important and difficult step is to extract the bitterness contained in the leaves, so ndolè is cooked with a paste of boiled peanuts and spices.

Meat and shrimp are usually added to it, but it can also be eaten naturally. It is accompanied by fried or boiled plantains, rice, semolina and cassava sticks. Ndolè leaves are also used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments and diseases such as malaria and intestinal parasites. Ndolè leaves contain a quinine substitute, helping to bring down high fevers, powerful anti-oxidants helping to regenerate damaged body tissues.

bol ndole piment


“5 stars!”

Very pleasantly surprised, the quality is indeed there. A meal at the top Nothing to say except to advise you to try it. We have a subscription every Wednesday

Very good service, as well as the meal. The promoters are very nice. Nothing to say except that it was a nice experience in every way

I used to order ndolè at Great Afro Food and every time it’s a great experience for the taste buds🙂.